Bodega Bay Bird Watch, Bay View

Vital statistics:

2 Bedroom / 2 Bath / New addition / Wireless, high-speedinternet / At water’s edge of Bodega Bay. DVD players, Fireplaces, Decks, Patio, Steps down to the water.

From the moment you step through the ornately designed gateway, with its frosted glass accents, and then pass by the hot tub grotto, sheltered by the fragrant branches of ancient cypress trees, you know you’ve arrived someplace special. Open the front door and your pulse quickens as the senses are overwhelmed. Vast expanses of glass reveal a timeless panorama of water … the Bay, and beyond, the Pacific. You’re aware of flocks of birds, swirling in the trees above you, clustering in the tidal shallows below you. You finally exhale. This is where you dwell.

But, what of your immediate surroundings? You shift your glance to the roomy kitchen … all gleaming metal and buffed stone, with its massive marble island, bar stools, and a cozy, built-in window dining area looking out over the water. Your gourmet food fantasies will not take a backseat to the outdoor attractions on this vacation.

A charming queen size bedroom shares this upper level of the house, with its own view of the Harbor. A beautiful bathroom adjoins, where a regal abalone-and-iridescent tile encrusted limestone tub awaits.

Descending from the kitchen is a marble staircase that leads to the master bedroom level, with its king size bed and equally arresting water views. Serving the master bedroom area is a large bathtub, with a seamless glass shower set against a private window.

From the tub you’ll marvel at a view framed by the branches of an old growth Monterrey pine, whose sturdy branches reach out over the water, all the better to provide sanctuary for the many species of songbirds that make this side of the Bay home. The careful pruning of the branches create a singular effect of woods and water. Relax on the deck. Protected from the wind, you enjoy another magnificent sunset with your Sonoma pinot. Take the stairs down to the tidal flats, to the water. Stick your toes in the wet sand and enjoy the bracing smell of the world’s edge, where you now reside.

And while you're there, you'll notice our very own GUIDE BOOK - which we wrote and published just for you - prominently displayed. It gathers all the things we want to share with you regarding the area: restaurants, shopping, natural features, things to do ... all in one, fun book. Now you can read it online too!

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